Fishingglue- Glass rattles

Our Fishingglue glass rattles are coated glass rattles, which can be glued simply and directly to the GUMMIFISCHKLEBER on the Soft Bait. With an adhesive bonding it is now also possible to equip small and also slender baits with glass rattles, which is often not possible due to the low bait volume and therefore impossible insertion. The gluing is so secure that the glass rattles even endure violent throws permanently. Overall, the principle of gluing is a great possibility of rassel mounting and considerably increases the area of ​​application.
Other advantages include:
- The rattle noises are louder than unencumbered rattles. So you can be "louder" on the road.
- Due to the independence from the rubber material thickness, the position of the rattles on the rubber bead can be freely determined. Everything is possible from head to tailpiece.
- The rattle function can also be influenced by vertical or horizontal gluing.
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