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Oktober 2020

> New article about the rubber fish glue at online:

After Christoph von has been using our rubber fish glue himself for a long time, he has now written an article and posted it on the website. You can read the article here:  

June 2014

> Johannes Dietel has our soft bait glue tested and evaluated

Johannes Dietel has tested our rubber fish glue and is thrilled. The test and the comments in the forum of "" you can read here. >> click on it

Februar 2013

> The Stinger magnets are taken in the shop

After a long development time, we can finally offer the Stinger magnets which enable an entirely new fishing.
More about this world novelty here in particular Stinger magnetic Blog >> click on it

September 2012

> fishing magazin Jig & Jerk September 2012

In the September issue of "Jig & Jerk" Soft Baits be repaired with the soft bait glue. Click here to read the article.

 << click on it


June 2012

> fishing magazine "Rute & Rolle" issued Juli 2012

Again, a magazine tested the Soft ait Glue and recommended. The fishing magazine „Rute & Rolle" is in its July 2012 issue in the "TESTED / Useful" before the Soft Bait Glue and yields the following result: The Soft Bait Glue is a "must have" for any serious Soft Bait-angler.

April 2012 support the first four lakes tour 2012 from April-September 2012

The Angelholiker organize inter alia with support from other sponsors and the first 4-Lakes Tour. This is a in Germany has not seen before event where over the year to a total of four different weekends four different waters are fished. Details can be found here:



October 2011

> as a sponsor of the meeting of Strelasund 21.-23. October 2011

The Soft Bait Glue was, after 2010, again in 2011 with the meeting of Strelasund The report of the meeting as well as images can be found here:


April 2011

> The Soft ait Glue as a travel companion 11. April 2011

Who has not, as a fishing trip in and you have to decide what is in the Tacklebox. Especially for air travel is often only a limited range of bait announced. In order for soft plastic bait not to restrict unnecessarily, we recommend a tube of soft bait glue fish with rice as a companion pack. This special adhesive can be repaired at the resort many soft plastic baits and therefore its quantities of (reserve) - greatly reduce the bait. This benefit has discovered, among other well-known predator pro Uli Beyer for themselves and already used in one of his fishing trips. The trip report you can read here:

December 2010

> Review 
20. December 2010

The team of the website www. had to test in the last few weeks our opportunity Soft Bait glue. Here too, the special adhesive for Soft Bait completely convincing and prove themselves as genuine trade specialist. But read the full review here:

November 2010

> German fishing magazine "Fisch & Fang" issued December 2010

The Angler Magazine
Fisch & Fang, one of the largest circulation and most innovative in Germany has tested the Soft Bait Glue from Here is an excerpt from the review:
... Excellent adhesive of the best bait repaired within a short time, the company sells fishingglue. ... An issue that is worth it.

Conclusion: What can you say about it ...


November 2010

> Black Bass Fishing Guide in Italy by Matteo November 2010:

From 09.11. until 11.15.2010 we have fished in the Black Bass in the northern Italian area around Padua. Thanks to our guide Matteo of, we were able to catch, despite unfavorable conditions, but many of the coveted fish. Fishing was mainly in the various rubber worms on Texas rig in the middle reed. However, many baits were torn or damaged. But could, thanks to the Soft Bait Glue fish here again, almost all bait for at least a 2nd Change given.
Conclusion: Even with the bait for Black Bass Fishing repair results were excellent and the rubber waste low.