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The adhesive for lures from is a special colorless / clear adhesive for almost all the rubber bait. The splice is soft and flexible. The Soft Bait Glue does not stick the skin (no superglue!) And is easy to pack, use the dosage in the holes, tears and cuts of the rubber bait. The adhesive and very productive for the vast majority of soft plastic bait is used. Also sticking salted and flavored soft baits you succeed perfectly. The field of application is large. Here are some recommendations:
 > For repair / for bonding soft plastic baits. The soft bait "sit" again, soft and flexible and the bait is almost like new! Even with smaller lures worth repairing. Our special adhesive is extremely productive, you need very little Soft Bait Glue each Repair / gluing!
> Simply new color combinations himself ago
> Extend or simply shorten a bait.
> Combine different soft baits among themselves.
> Place just a glow stick, a rattle or a body weight of the middle of the soft bait.
> simply tune Soft Baits, no problem.
> You want to get or save a rare or become fond of soft baits.
Furthermore, the Soft Bait Glue is absolutely perfect for bonding our Stinger- MAGNETS on the vast majority of lures. The Soft Bait Glue welded the magnets and the soft bait (almost) literally together.

Clean the place to be allocated necessary back up and dry. provide a sufficient amount of adhesive on both sides and completely to the adherend-sectional area, in the crack or the other to be repaired, allow to dry for 5-10 seconds and then squeeze firmly. Now even smaller corrections are possible. Remove the possibly excess / leaving adhesive residue immediately coarsely. The soft bait store and allow to dry for at least 10 minutes to rest. Then, the bonded body is normal to heavy load. Basically, the longer the drying time more stable connection. Therefore, our recommendation is subject to high loads and severe adhesions / large soft baits at least 1 hour (z. B.> 16 cm) to maintain. When adhesions in the area of the jig head or the hook channel remove the jig head before bonding and at least 1 hour (preferably longer) wait until the use of the soft bait.

Storage / Shelf Life
The warehousing and application- temperature should ideally be 10-25°C. Storage at temperatures below 5°C the Soft Bait Glue may crystallize and is characterized possibly temporarily unusable. When heated to room temperature crystallized products they are again fully usable.
Unopened the Soft Bait Glue is several years, if stored under recommended storage temperature.